Creating a Compassionate Community-One Cancer Patient at a Time


"Help Us Help You"

The Schenectady Cancer Foundation has just launched a Crowdrise Campaign to pay off the costs associated with their transportation van!

Please consider a gift this holiday season to the Schenectady Cancer Foundation's "Help Us Help You" Drive Campaign.

Your donation will assure that the much needed transportation for cancer patients to and from their cancer related appointments in our community can continue for many years into the future!

New Van Goes on the Road!

We are very excited to now offer Schenectady County cancer patients a free transportation service read more.

Great News!

Schenectady Cancer Foundation is now on the GE Matching Donation Program. All donations made by GE employees and retired employees will be matched dollar for dollar by GE.

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Driven to Help Cancer Patients Recover

Schenectady Cancer Foundation offers local a lifeline to patients
Jennifer Patterso, Times Union
By Jennifer Patterson, Capital Region Gives

Updated 6:54 am, Thursday, September 5, 2013

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Schenectady Cancer Foundation

Update: 3/5/2014

The Schenectady Cancer Foundation has temporarily suspended van service to and from Rexford in Saratoga County, due to the lack of drivers for our transportation program. While this location is outside of our originally intended service area, we recognized that many Schenectady residents seek cancer treatment at the facility on Riverview Road. We are currently running our program 2 days per week and are actively seeking drivers so we may return to our 5 day a week service.  We hope to resume service to Rexford at that time.  For alternative transportation options, please call our transportation line at 379-8694.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  It is a pleasure and honor to serve the residents of Schenectady County who are undergoing cancer treatment and we thank you for your understanding.  

Welcome to the Schenectady Cancer Foundation

The Schenectady Cancer Foundation was founded by those who saw a need to overcome the barriers to better cancer care for residents of Schenectady County. Your contributions directly assist Schenectady County cancer patients who desperately need your generous support. You will clearly see your donation at work, as your contributions do save lives.

Our Mission Statement

  1. To serve all cancer patients of Schenectady County; to help improve the entire spectrum of cancer care in Schenectady County.

  2. To help provide and support increased access to cancer care, especially prompt and timely transportation to and from appointments for diagnostic testing, cancer treatments, and referrals to tertiary cancer center for patients in need of such services.

  3. To help provide and support ancillary services for cancer patients of Schenectady, including, but not limited to, educational forums, lectures, physical therapy, psychological and emotional services, cancer genetic counseling.

  4. To help provide and support new cancer research projects locally in Schenectady County as well as support access to cancer research regionally. Support will be given in order to establish new liaisons with local research institutions as well as to support increased networking with regional and national research institutes and individual cancer resarchers.